• Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why is this research being conducted?

    Pepco is conducting this trial to identify ways to help customers better understand their home energy use and help them identify ways to save energy. This program has been approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission. The CEIVA Homeview digital photo display has unique features that will enable customers to view their near real-time energy information, weather, personal photos uploaded to the device and utility messaging alerts. Pepco intends to assess the effectiveness and helpfulness of the home energy display.

    2. Are there any fees for me to participate in the program?

    No, there are no direct fees for Pepco Maryland customers to participate in the program. Pepco customers who are selected for the program will receive a free CEIVA Homeview digital photo display and 2 years of CEIVA’s Picture Plan® Photo Delivery Service.

    3. What are the requirements for participating in this program?

    If a customer is selected to participate, he/she will receive the CEIVA Homeview digital photo display with brief instructions on how to register and connect the device to their internet service. They will also need to contact Pepco by phone to connect the device to their smart meter. The customer will also be required to complete two online surveys that will be emailed at the beginning and end of the program.

    Other requirements for this program are that the customer:

    • resides at the same location for the next 12 months (the duration of the trial). If a customer relocates the CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device to a different location, it will not function.
    • resides in a residence where the meter is attached to the exterior wall.
    • has an activated AMI smart meter.
    • is not a net-metered account (solar pv panels).
    • has high speed internet service with a WIFI router.

    4. How often will someone contact me during this program?

    Customers will only be contacted a few times regarding this program. They will need to call a specific number at Pepco to connect their frame to their smart meter, and will receive two emails with surveys. Customers will be contacted by phone if they do not complete the initial set-up of the frame or if the frame stops working.

    5. What are the next steps if I decide to participate and am accepted into the program? How will I receive my CEIVA Homeview Display?

    Customers interested in participating should use the online form at: www.pepco.com/energydisplay

    Customers will receive a letter within 3 – 5 weeks notifying them regarding their program acceptance and the shipment of the CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device.

    6. Who can I call with questions about this program?

    If a customer has technical questions or concerns about the trial, please contact Pepco by email at ihdtrial@pepco.com or by phone at 202-873-7500.

    7. How are customers selected for the trial?

    For a customer to be selected to participate in this trial, customers need to meet the requirements listed in item #3, above. A random selection of customers in the Pepco’s Maryland service territory have been asked to participate. Customers will be randomly selected to receive the CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device among those who volunteer for the program.

    8. What will be done with the data gathered from this trial?

    The data will be analyzed and used to create a report discussing the effectiveness of in-home display devices and their usefulness to customers. Pepco will utilize this report to assess if this technology is something that could be offered on a large scale basis in the near future.

    9. Will anyone have access to my energy consumption information? Is my information secure?

    Pepco is committed to ensuring that customer energy use data is kept private. Your energy consumption data will continue to be kept confidential per Pepco’s customer data privacy policy. Energy use data from program participants will be used to establish key findings based on the aggregate group of customers. Individual customer personal information will be kept private CEIVA also has controls in place to ensure that the photos you upload to your CEIVA account are kept secure.

    10. How long will I have the CEIVA subscription for? Will I have to pay afterwards?

    As a participant you will receive the CEIVA PicturePlan subscription for the one year the trial takes place, plus an additional year as a bonus for participating in the trial. After the two years, you may continue using the CEIVA network for pictures on a subscription basis, and can make arrangements at that time.

    CEIVA Homeview Digital Photo Display Information

    11. Do you need internet access to use CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device?

    Yes, in order for the frame to display accurate date, time, and weather, the device needs to connect to your home’s internet service via a wireless modem or an Ethernet connection. With the PicturePlan® Photo Delivery Service, you will be able to download your photos to the frame.

    12. How easy is the CEIVA Homeview Display to set up?

    Setting up the CEIVA Homeview display should be a fairly simple process, using the step-by-step instructions included with the device. Users will connect to a secured website, accept the terms and conditions for the trial, then follow the step-by-step information to create an account, register their new CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device and connect the device to their wireless internet service. To connect the device to the smart meter, customers will then need to call Pepco at 202-872-3775 to complete this process. Connecting the device to the smart meter will enable customers to view their energy consumption.

    13. How does the CEIVA Homeview display receive energy use information?

    The CEIVA Homeview digital photo display is a ZigBEE SEP 1.1 compliant, consumer-driven In-Home Display device that connects to the customers’ smart meter to send near real-time energy use and local utility information directly to customers. The frame has an energy monitor portal that a customer can access with the CEIVA remote to view their near real time energy information. The device also displays the customer’s energy use information into the picture slide shows.

    14. Will the CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device work anywhere in my house?

    The digital photo display device should be able to display energy information anywhere in your house; however, our suggestion would be to place it closer to where your smart meter is located. The more walls that are in between the location of your smart meter and frame, the harder it will be for the device to receive the signal from the smart meter.

    15. How much power does the CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device use?

    The frame uses 6 Watts of power and uses approximately 0.14 kWH of daily electricity consumption. This drops down to 2 Watts when the display is set to “sleep”. The CEIVA Homeview can be set to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning; these settings are available from the frame or from your online CEIVA account. If the display were to remain on continuously, it would cost approximately $6.90 per year (based on an estimated price of 13 cents/kWH). If set to sleep at night, it would cost approximately $5 per year to run.

    16. Can anyone send pictures to your CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device?

    The CEIVA Homeview subscription includes unlimited free guest invitations to send to friends and family, but for security and privacy reasons, only invited guests who create an account at ceiva.com can send photos to your device. You can also use the CEIVA mobile address system, where you can assign a unique email address to your frame and share it with friends and family to send photos via email.

    17. How do I put pictures on my CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device?

    You will be able to use the CEIVA website to drag and drop photos from your desktop. You can also import photos from other websites, such as Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Shutterfly, or Smugmug accounts and send them straight to your CEIVA device and albums. Use the iPhoto plugin, Picasa Desktop Software, or via an iPhone or Android phone.

    18. Who else outside of my household can see my pictures?

    The account holder(s) will be the only ones with access to the pictures. CEIVA and Pepco will not have the ability to view your pictures.