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    Enrollment is currently closed.

    Pepco is conducting research into ways to display energy use information so customers can better understand their home energy use and identify ways to save energy. This IHD trial provides customers with a CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device that will securely communicate with the customer’s AMI meter and enable them to view their near real-time energy use information, weather information, and personal photos uploaded to the device. Pepco is researching the ease of using the CEIVA Homeview device and helpfulness of the different displays of energy use data.

    This IHD trial is open to all Pepco residential customers who meet the following criteria and have received a letter inviting them to participate:

    • Reside in either Montgomery or Prince George’s Counties
    • Have an activated AMI meter
    • Reside in a single-family residence or townhouse (residence is in close proximity to AMI meter)
    • Do not use solar energy 
    • Plans to occupy their current home for 12 months
    • Has high-speed internet service with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections

    There are a limited number of spaces to participate in this program, so please complete the form below as soon as possible.  Customers will be notified by mail whether they have been accepted into the program.

    IHD Trial Benefits

    Our customers have told us that they would like information about their energy use so they can more easily reduce it, allowing them to save money and help the environment. As a participant in the IHD trial, you will receive a free CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device with a high resolution 8-inch LCD screen that displays digital photos with easy to use tools for uploading your own personal photos.  The device connects via your private in-home WIFI network or Ethernet connection. For more information about CEIVA, visit www.ceivaenergy.com

    In addition to photos, the CEIVA Homeview device will display energy information data by communicating directly with your smart meter and show you your home’s near real-time energy use information. Please also note that Pepco and CEIVA will not be able to view your photos. Your energy use data will continue to be kept confidential per Pepco’s customer data privacy policy, but will be combined with other program participant’s data to establish key findings. At the end of the IHD trial, you can keep the CEIVA Homeview digital photo display device with our compliments or return it for a $25 gift certificate.

    Enrollment is currently closed.