• Peak Savings Day Tips

  • Use the energy saving tips below to help you earn a credit off your bill on Peak Savings Days: 

    • Plan to use large appliances before or after designated Peak Savings Day hours
    • Close blinds or shades to keep the sun from warming your home
    • Unplug battery chargers when the batteries are fully charged or the chargers are not in use
    • Keep ducts or fans clear so cooled air can circulate freely
    • Turn off all unnecessary lights
    • Unplug electronics, video game consoles and other items when you’re not using them
    • Raise your thermostat manually a few degrees, if health permits, or sign up for Energy Wise Rewards TM and make saving automatic. 

    For more information about how the Peak Energy Savings Credit can save you money and energy, visit our About Peak Energy Savings Credit page. For more energy-saving tips, visit our Home Energy Saving Tips page or view our Helpful Ways to Save brochure. 

    View our Online Energy Management Tutorial that offers energy education and savings tips, and information about how to use My Account tools to help you save.