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District of Columbia Customer Choice

For many years, Pepco was the sole electricity supplier in Washington, D.C., and suburban Maryland. We generated electricity and delivered it to you at rates set by regulatory commissions. In 2001, Pepco and DC’s electricity market changed. Pepco no longer generates its own electric power and customers can shop among competing electricity suppliers. Whether or not you choose another supplier, Pepco continues to deliver electricity to all customers via its extensive network of electric power lines. We still maintain the power lines and respond to emergency and routine service calls.

And we continue to supply electricity under regulated rates (Standard Offer Service) to customers who do not choose an alternate supplier. This Web page contains information about Customer Choice, Standard Offer Service and the current rates that became effective on Feb. 8, 2005.


Take a look at Pepco's new video "The Electricity Marketplace and You."

Pepco Speakers Bureau

A member of Pepco’s Speakers Bureau can visit your local Chamber of Commerce, neighborhood advisory commission (ANC), business association or other concerned group in the District to make an in-person presentation on Customer Choice, the electricity marketplace and related issues. Call the Speakers Bureau at (202) 872-2089 to schedule a speaker for your group.