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Outages & Emergency Preparedness

Preparing Your Business

Power outages occur for various reasons ranging from storms to routine scheduled maintenance. In most cases, power is restored in a few hours. Sometimes, however, more serious outages occur. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, ice storms, fierce winds and extreme heat can damage the power delivery system and may prolong power restoration. Pepco personnel are well trained and well prepared to handle such events as quickly and safely as possible.

This site is designed to help you prepare your business and employees for an emergency.  By planning ahead and assembling a workplace emergency storm kit, you will know what to do and be better able to protect your business and your employees when disaster strikes.

Getting Started

How would your business fare if you had to shut down for a day or two?  What if a fire destroyed your building, including your computers and records? A business continuity plan should include contingency planning for both short-term and long-term disruptions.  Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Develop a staff succession plan should essential personnel become injured or unavailable
  • Arrange for off-site storage of important records and information, including employee and payroll records, customer accounts, bank and insurance records
  • Back up your computer files regularly, and arrange to have data stored off-site
  • Research potential locations from which you could operate on a temporary basis
  • Consider a back-up power source such as a portable generator.  Install uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices on critical computer workstations
  • Review your insurance policies and estimate what it will take to restore your business: supplies, people, equipment, work space.  Verify what is covered and what is not covered
  • Develop a plan for salvaging equipment or inventory, i.e. cover or move equipment
  • Make a photographic record of your business assets
  • Develop a list of people who have keys, codes and access passwords to bank accounts, high-security areas, databases and systems
  • Plan to maintain contact with customers, suppliers and investors
  • Inform employees of your plans, and let them know what will happen and where you will relocate if necessary
  • Review your plan on a regular basis and update it as your business changes
  • Schedule regular drills and training
  • Learn first aid and CPR
  • Encourage your employees to develop household emergency plans