• Recycling Activities

  • Company Recycling Initiatives

    We demonstrate our strong commitment to environmental protection by employing innovative waste prevention, recycling and reuse methods.  We partner with state and local governments, suppliers and waste vendors who share our strong level of commitment to pollution prevention and consistently provide us with new waste management alternatives. These partnerships have helped us to reduce the amount of waste Pepco Holdings generates and sends to landfills each year.

    MARYLAND Appliance Recycling Program

    Let us recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer, and we’ll give you $50Plus, get an extra $25 if you recycle your working room air conditioner at the same time.

    Recycling your old appliances helps to:

    • Reduce energy consumption
    • Lower emissions of ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases
    • Prevent releases of PCBs (toxic chemicals), mercury, and used oil into the environment
    • Reduce the need for new raw materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, glass, and plastic

    Learn more about our Appliance Recycling Program