• Builders and Inspectors

  • Whether you are building a shopping mall or a single new home, planning ahead for your electric service connection is critical. Pepco's Customer Design staff will work with you to make sure your electric system and connection designs comply with Pepco's standards while providing you with the service you need. Notify the Customer Design Department as early in your design-build process as possible to eliminate avoidable delays in connecting your new service.

    Service connection work in Pepco’s Service area is divided among three Customer Design regional offices: 


    Montgomery County Region 

    201 West Gude Drive 
    Rockville, MD 20850 
    Phone: 301-670-8700 
    Fax: 301-670-8718 

    Prince George’s County Region 

    8300 Old Marlboro Pike 
    Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 
    Phone: 301-967-5800 
    Fax: 301-967-5820 

    District of Columbia 

    3400 Benning Road, NE 
    Washington, DC 20019 
    Phone: 202-331-6237 
    Fax: 202-388-2721


    Pepco's complete Commercial Developer Manual is now available online. It can help guide you through the engineering design process and save time once you begin working with the Customer Design Department to finalize your plans and prepare for connection.