• Rates and Tariffs

  • Whether you choose to stay with us for your electricity supply, or choose another supplier, we will continue to provide you reliable energy.

    The Choice is Yours

    The restructuring of the electric utility industry allows you to select the electricity supplier that best fits your needs. If you don't choose a supplier, we buy electricity for you and charge you according to rates approved by your state Public Service Commission. This is called "Standard Offer Service" (SOS), and appears in the "Supply Charges" portion of your bill. 

    The “Details of your Electric Charges” section in your electricity bill is broken down to indicate:

    • Charges for delivery (Delivery Charges), which is the process of getting electricity to end users;
    • Charges for supply (Supply Charges), which is the actual electricity and the process of getting that electricity from the power plant.

    The Delivery Charges are itemized under Distribution Services and Supply Charges are itemized under Generation Services. We continue to deliver the electricity to all customers, no matter who they choose as their supplier.