• Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program

    Let us help your business:

    • Reduce the initial cost of upgrading to energy efficient equipment and systems
    • Improve efficiency to reduce your long term cost and operating expenses
    • Create a win-win scenario for your business and the environment

    We can offer you cash incentives and solutions for:

    • Equipment and control upgrades in existing buildings
    • Design assistance and new equipment for new construction projects
    • Increasing your building and process efficiency in existing and new buildings

    Incentives Approved for 2012-2014

    There are many ways we can help you qualify for an incentive. You can find an option that meets your needs by learning about available incentives.

    Existing Building Projects

    New Construction & Major Renovation Projects

    Small Business Program

    • Multiple Measure-Type Bonus incentive, where our Maryland customers can earn 10% bonus incentive money by installing multiple energy efficient measures
    • Trade Ally in your area. You are not required to use a service provider or contractor from our Trade Ally Network to be eligible for incentives unless otherwise noted 

    Program Updates

    We will continue to update you when applications, incentives, and other information are available. We will also be scheduling webinars and seminars over the upcoming weeks and months to ensure you have the information needed to participate in the new program.

    We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to working with you. Be sure to reach out to a Program team member if you need assistance or have questions about the new program. 

    Program Eligibility and Application Process

    If you have any questions, please call us at 1-866-353-5798 or email us at PepcoEnergyEfficiency@LMBPS.com.