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Improving Reliability

Delivering Performance in a Challenging World

We are upgrading our electric system to make it more reliable for our customers. Since September 2010, we’ve trimmed thousands of miles of trees, replaced or refurbished hundreds of miles of cable, upgraded equipment and installed advanced technology – all to improve the reliability of our service as storms become more frequent and severe.

Our work has significantly reduced both the frequency and duration of power outages. From 2011 to 2012, outages on feeders that we worked on as part of our Reliability Enhancement Plan decreased by 39 percent and those outages that did occur were 42 percent shorter. We are committed to this initiative – the biggest reliability effort in our 117-year history.

System Change

Our main areas of focus are:
  • Trimming Trees
    Trees and limbs that fall on power lines are a direct cause of power outages, especially during severe weather. That is why we have more than doubled our tree trimming work.

  • Upgrading Priority Feeders
    Feeders are power lines that serve about 1,100 people within a neighborhood. We are replacing the sections of critical feeders that aren’t working properly.

  • Replacing Aging Infrastructure
    We are renewing underground lines, replacing poles and transformers, switching from wood cross-arms to fiberglass, and making other upgrades above and below ground throughout our system.

  • Installing advanced technology
    Installing new fault indicators and advanced switches gives us the ability to quickly identify the source of outages and reroute power for faster restoration.

  • Preparing for System Growth
    As communities grow, energy needs grow with them. The upgrades we are making now are designed to address current and future needs.

  • Undergrounding Lines
    In some areas, when improvements to the traditional overhead system do not meet our reliability goals, we are selectively replacing them with underground lines.

Service Change

In addition to improving reliability, we are making changes to help enhance the customer experience and provide better access to information. We are committed to:
  • Enhancing Customer Care
    We have doubled the number of phone lines in our customer service center from 300 to 600 and enhanced the training of our professionals answering your call.

  • Reaching Out to Our Communities
    We are continually meeting with community groups and working with your elected representatives to keep them informed of our progress.

  • Enhancing Our Mobile App
    We continue to update our free mobile app with interactive outage maps and more accurate restoration estimates, providing a convenient way for you to get more information and reach us in the event of an outage.

  • Improving the Restoration Process
    We are streamlining our work and speeding up our efforts through better management of line crews and resources.

  • Installing Smart Meters
    We’re close to completing installation of the 828,000 smart meters planned for homes and businesses throughout our service territory. We expect all of our customers to have a smart meter installed by the end of 2013. Once activated, smart meters will alert us when power is out and make the restoration process more efficient.