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Payment Options


To help our customers meet their financial obligations or even out their cash flow, Pepco offers a variety of payment plans. To find out which one of our payment plans is right for you, please click on the links below.

Budget Billing Plan
Many of our customers find it convenient to budget their monthly energy costs through participation in Pepco's Average Payment Plan. This plan allows you to make a fixed payment each month, therefore avoiding the fluctuation in monthly bills, which may arise as a result of heating and/or air conditioning use.< br /> More About Budget Billing

Extended Payment
Pepco's Extended Payment Date Plan is for residential customers whose main source of total household income is from government or other low-income entitlement programs. Because assistance income may not arrive until around the 1st day of each month, a qualified residential customer who has an electric bill due date that expires before the 5th day of the month following the month in which the bill is rendered, may request an extension of the due date. The new due date would be the 5th day of that following month, and the customer would not have to pay a late charge on that electric bill.
More About Extended Payment

Time Payment Arrangements
For our customers who may be experiencing temporary financial conditions that make it difficult to keep their accounts current, Pepco offers a variety of individually tailored payment arrangements aimed at bringing the account up-to-date over a mutually agreeable period of time.
More About Time Payment Arragements

Third-Party Notification
If you are ill, unable to manage your own business affairs or plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, you may designate a relative, friend, member of the clergy or other third party to receive a copy of your disconnection notice for non-payment.
More About Third-Party Notifcation

Payment Support and Assistance Programs
At Pepco, we want to help our custom­ers who are having difficulty paying their electric bills. That’s why we designed our Residential Aid Discount (RAD) program to help qualified District of Columbia custom­ers.

Pepco’s Average Payment Plan is an alternative payment plan that allows you to pay your electric bill in equal monthly installments even though your actual electric usage fluctuates from month to month.
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