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Pepco Meters Tested Annually for Accuracy

You may have heard recent reports in the news about the accuracy of Pepco’s electric meters.  We are disputing those reports and Pepco has filed a request with the District of Columbia Public Service Commission asking the Office of the People’s Counsel to submit the data behind their allegation of faulty meters. 

Pepco routinely tests its meters for accuracy.  Every year, Pepco conducts an annual sample test of meters in Maryland and the District of Columbia and then compiles and presents the test results to the Maryland and District of Columbia Public Service Commissions.  These reports are based on Pepco’s stringent internal testing procedures and compliance with regional requirements. 

In conducting its annual meter tests, the acceptable meter accuracy is plus or minus 2 percent, i.e. 98% - 102%.   In 2008, Pepco tested a sample of 2,088 electric meters. The company found 99.6% of the sample to be within the accuracy standard.  Only eight of those meters were out of tolerance. 

Nothing is more important to Pepco than the trust of our customers.  We want our customers to be confident that their billing information is accurate.  We encourage customers that have billing questions to take a look at their account information in My Account, our online energy management section of the Web site. If your questions aren’t answered, we always welcome customers to call our Customer Service line at 202-833-7500 and discuss their individual case.