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Pepco Safety Commitment

Safety is a core value at Pepco and it is the responsibility of all employees to ensure safety for themselves, their co-workers and contractors, and the public.

We demonstrate our safety commitment by:

  • Continually seeking new ways to improve safety performance
  • Engaging in responsible safety practices at all times
  • Regularly training employees in safe operating practices
  • Incorporating safety in all business planning, programs and activities
  • Educating customers and communities about safety by working with schools, community groups and other relevant organizations
  • Promoting open and constructive relationships with employees, safety regulatory agencies, public officials, customers and contractors
  • Providing opportunities to learn from our safety experience

Employee Identification

For your protection, every employee is required to carry a photo-identification card at all times.  Ask to see this card if anyone claims to be our employee and wants to enter your home.

We carry identification cards for your protection, and we expect you to ask us to identify ourselves.  Please feel free to do so!