• Standard Offer Service

  • District of Columbia

  • We buy electricity for customers who have not chosen to purchase electricity from a certified competitive electric provider. Called the Standard Offer Service (SOS) program, this program is approved by the District of Columbia Public Service Commission. 

    Each year in June (for the summer) and in October (for the winter), generation rates from the SOS program are adjusted to reflect the cost of power that Pepco buys on behalf of its customers.

    For District small commercial customers, the new summer SOS generation rate will reduce the average monthly bill by about $21.00. In October, when the new winter SOS generation rate takes effect in the District, the average monthly bill of a District small commercial customer will decrease by about $21.00. 

    Combined, the new winter and summer generation rates for the District decreases the annual average monthly bill by about $21.00. For an average District customer who uses about 1,735 kWh of electricity a month this would result in a decrease of about 8.00 percent. 

    DC Standard Offer Service Rate Schedules