• Moving Checklist

  • Moving takes a lot of time, work and planning. Whether you are a new customer or an existing one staying in our service area or not, don’t forget to do these quick and easy steps to settle your energy account with us before you go. 

    We can support you best if you alert us at least 3 business days before your move. This way you can avoid unwanted fees or service disruptions.

    To Transfer Your Service

    To Stop Your Service

    • Fill out Discontinue Service form
    • Or contact us at (202) 833-7500
    • Pay any outstanding fees/costs
    • Check your final reading by either reading your meter or calling us at (202) 872-3377

    To Start Your New Service at Your New Place

    • If you are looking to start a new service with us, you can first review at our Choices & Rates information
    • Then, you can fill out our secure Apply for Service form
    • Or, you can contact us at (202) 833-7500