• Billing Cycle

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is a billing cycle?

    We will read each customer’s meter at monthly intervals of 25 to 35 days to determine the amount of energy used. 

    What is the schedule mailing rendition date?

    This is when your bill is mailed. A bill is overdue if not paid in full 20 days after this date.

    What is the final notice date?

    The final notice date will appear on a 15-day notice and monthly bill stating that energy will be disconnected if not paid by that date.

    How far in advance will l I know if my service is being stopped?

    In D.C., you must be given a written notice of intent to end service 15 days in advance. In Maryland, we are required to provide 14 days notice. However, we have opted to increase this by one day to be consistent with D.C.