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  • Request Customer Usage

  • We support renewable energy and partner with our customers to ensure safe and reliable interconnection of renewable energy into the electric grid.

    Pepco offers customers an online tool to easily grant access to your historical usage data, which renewable energy contractors can use to size proposed solar generating systems.  The Request Customer Usage module within the Net Energy Metering Online Application Portal provides a secure process for contractors to download a customer’s usage data after receiving the customer’s authorization.  

    The benefits of the online Request Customer Usage module are many:

    • Eliminates need for a customer to provide copies of your past bills to a solar contractor, or to call the Pepco call center to request copies of the bills
    • The process is quick and simple. The customer can grant permission through My Account for one or more contractors to access historical usage data – which facilitates competitive price quotes for solar projects
    • Decreases the need for follow-up phone calls to Pepco
    • Contractors can export the customer’s energy use data to simplify your sizing calculations
    • The online process provides all the monitoring and tracking convenience of the new Net Energy Metering Online Application Portal

    Steps for a Pepco customer to authorize one or more contractors data access online:

    • Customer logs in to My Account
    • From the My Account homepage, click Manage My Account, then click Authorize Contractor Data Access
    • Customer will see a list of Contractors listed alphabetically in a table. Select the box next to the contractor name(s) you wish to grant access to your historical usage data.  Click I Agree to the Terms and Conditions and then click Authorize Access
      • If a contractor is not listed, this means the contractor has not yet registered with the NEM Online Application portal.  They will need to do so before you can grant them access to your data

    Steps for a solar contractor to download a customer’s historical usage data:

    • Once a customer has clicked Authorize Access, contractor logs in to the NEM Online Application portal
      • Contractors who have not yet registered for the portal can register here 
    • On the NEM Dashboard page, select the Request Customer Usage icon in the left navigation
    • Locate the customer’s name in the customer list, select the preferred download option, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click Continue to download their usage history data. 

    For questions, email Pepco or call us at (866) 634-6977.