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Commercial Assistance Programs (DC)

​As part of our commitment to supporting our customers who may be facing challenges paying their energy bill, we have launched a series of assistance programs for our small business customers (rate classes GS-ND, T, GSDLV, GSD-3A) and houses of worship and non-profits (rate classes GSLV, GS3A, GT3A, MGT LV, and GT LV) in the District of Columbia.

To sign up for any of the following programs, email or call 833-504-8659.

Installment Plans

We understand our small commercial customers may be facing difficult financial times. If your business needs help paying off a large or past due balance, consider an extended payment plan. This program enables small commercial customers to pay their past due balance, beyond 12 months and up to 24 months, using monthly installment payments that are added to their monthly electric bill. There are no upfront fees or payments required in order to sign up.

The installment payment and your company's monthly electric bill must be paid on time and in full in order to stay on your payment arrangement. If you do not, the remaining balance automatically is added to your next bill, and your account will be subject to collections actions.

If you choose to pay your balance early, please contact a Customer Service Representative for instructions.

Deposits Held

Small commercial customers with deposits can request that deposit be applied to overdue balances, to reduce the balance or established payment plan.

Budget Billing

Small commercial customers can avoid seasonal peaks in their Pepco bills by dividing their payments evenly over the course of the entire year. This plan makes it easier to budget and pay your company's bills each month, because you'll know your company's regular payment amount.

Here's How Budget Billing Works:

  • We calculate your company's monthly bill payment based on your usage during the last 12 months.
  • Your company's actual usage will continue to be shown on your monthly bill.
  • You may enroll at any time and your Budget Billing plan will begin with your company's next bill.
  • Your company's budget amount will be reviewed periodically and could be adjusted based on actual usage.
  • After the initial review, your company's monthly Budget Bill payment will be reviewed and adjusted every month between the 7th and 10th months. Recalculation can only happen once during this period.
  • Your account must be paid up to date. If you miss 2 payments within a rolling 12-month period you will be removed from Budget Billing. This does not have to be two consecutive payments.
  • After 12 months, any credit/debit balances will be included in the calculation for the following year's Budget Billing payment. Business Partner arrears are not automatically rolled into their BBP at the end of the Budget Plan year; all outstanding arrears and cumulative balances are open and due.
  • If you unenroll your company from Budget Billing, you will see your company's regular bill amount and any past differences between your Budget Billing amount and your actual charges on your next bill.

Bill Deferral

Small commercial customers can defer the energy delivery (Distribution) portion of their Pepco bills for a period of two months and would pay that balance at a later date and/or over an 18-month period.

House of Worship and Non-Profit Customer Credit

District-based houses of worship and certified nonprofits may receive a reduction to their energy delivery (distribution) rate. The metered demand of these customers will be reduced up to 7 kilowatts (kW) monthly for a 12-month period. The maximum credit would range between $70 and $115 each month if the customer’s demand is 7kW or greater. Customers must fall in the GSLV, GS3A, GT3A, MGT LV, or GT LV rate class. The credit is determined by the entity’s Pepco rate class and the amount of demand on the bill. Houses of Worship must provide proof that they are a house of worship in the District. Non-profits must provide proof of 501(c)(3) tax exemption status or proof that the entity qualifies to meet the 501(c)(3) requirements and be engaged in human services activities, defined as: "Nonprofits providing supportive services to District residents that can include workforce development, economic and nutritional assistance, and services including shelter/housing, healthcare, substance abuse, and mental health/counseling support for seniors."

Please note, enrollment for the House of Worship and Non-Profit credit ends March 21, 2022. Download the program application here and email the completed application to or call 833-504-8659. Please allow one to two weeks for processing.

Ready to enroll in one of these programs? Email or call 833-504-8659.

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