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Residential Aid Discount Program

​​​​​​​​​​At Pepco, we want to help low-income District of Columbia customers make their electric bills more affordable. That’s why we offer the Residential Aid Discount (RAD) program for eligible District of Columbia customers which is funded by District of Columbia electric distribution customers through a Commission-approved surcharge.

Please note that the RAD program has been updated as of June 1, 2016 to reflect the new Residential Aid Credit, which replaces previous discounts that were applied to eligible RAD customers’ generation and transmission charges on their accounts.

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The following questions and answers about RAD can help you determine whether or not this program can apply to you or someone you know. 

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​What is RAD?​

​The Residential Aid Discount Program is a program that provides eligible customers a monthly credit for their distribution charges, known as the Residential Aid Credit (RAC).​

Who is eligible for RAD?

​District of Columbia customers certified by the District Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE) are eligible for RAD. Your household income must meet current income eligibility requirements which are listed on DDOE’s website.

What kind of discount can a RAD customer receive?​

RAD customers are billed under the same rates as the residential rate schedules “R” and “AE” and receive a discount of about 25 percent on their overall bill through the RAC, which covers the following charges:

  • The full customer charge for distribution and energy charges for distribution. This is listed as the “RAC – Distribution” on eligible customer bills.
  • The Residential Aid Discount Surcharge, the Sustain Energy Trust Fund and the Energy Assistance Trust Fund. This is listed as the “RAC – Surcharges” on eligible customer bills.

There is no longer a discount for generation and transmission service as part of the RAD program.

Can I receive the residential aid credit if I receive supply from a competitive supplier?

Yes. Customers who receive their energy supply from a competitive supplier are eligible to receive the RAC. Because the RAC discount applies only to the distribution portion of eligible customer bills, the discount is the same for customers who receive Standard Offer Service through Pepco and those who receive their supply through a competitive supplier.

How can I tell if I'm enrolled in the program?

On the top left-hand side of your Pepco bill, you will see your current service classification. If it says “Residential-R RAD” or “Residential-AE RAD”, you are enrolled in the RAD program.

Do I have to be receiving non-governmental based energy assistance to receive Pepco's RAD?

No. Pepco customers do not have to receive non-governmental based energy assistance to be eligible for RAD.

Does enrollment in the RAD program provide a one-time discount?

​No. The RAC will be applied monthly to certified RAD customer bills for a period of 18 months, and customers may re-apply for certification annually.​

What do I need in order to apply for RAD?

You need your latest Pepco bill and proof of income for each household member 18 years or older. To show proof of income, you need one of the following:

  • a letter from your employer

  • a W-2 form

  • a paycheck stub

  • an unemployment compensation letter

  • an award letter

  • or any other formal verification, such as a notarized letter for resident’s claiming $0 income

How do I apply?


To apply or to find further information about the application process, please refer to any of the following convenient methods:

  • Call 311 to schedule an appointment with DDOE.
  • Visit
  • Sign up in person at:

    DDOE Energy Assistance Center (serving Wards 1-6)
    1207 Taylor Street NW
    Washington, DC 20011


    DDOE Energy Assistance Center (serving Wards 6, 7, and 8)
    2100 Martin Luther King, Jr., Ave SE
    Washington, DC 20020

Where can I find the current RAD rates?

The RAD program is described on page R-29 of Pepco’s tariff. The Residential distribution rates that apply to RAD customers (“R” and “AE”) are shown on pages 3 and 4 of the tariff, and the generation and transmission rates are shown on pages 41.1 and 41.2.

These rates were proposed by Pepco and approved by the District of Columbia Public Service Commission and change from time to time based on rate case decisions, auction results for Standard Offer Service, and other factors. These rates are in addition to certain pass-through charges as described in Pepco’s tariff.

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