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Bill Payment Assistance


We want to share a few resources that can help you meet your energy needs.

Good Neighbor Energy Fund

Pepco is committed to helping customers who are facing challenges with their electric bill.  We are proud to partner with Interfaith Works and Mary's Center; local 501(c)3 non-profit organizations who provide energy assistance benefits to customers in Pepco's service territory in Maryland.  Interfaith Works and Mary's Center are serving as Pepco's trusted administering partner for the Good Neighbor Energy Fund for Montgomery and Prince George's County.

The Good Neighbor Energy Fund is designed to help customers who are facing hardships.  You can help a Pepco Maryland customer in need of assistance with their electric bill by contributing to the fund.  Pepco will match customer contributions $100,000.

Want to contribute?

Pepco Bill Pay

Whether you receive your bill electronically or through the mail, you can pay exactly $1.00 over your Pepco bill amount and that dollar will be contributed to the Good Neighbor Energy Fund.  The amount you contribute must be exactly $1.00 over your billed amount; amounts over $1.00 will not be recognized as a contribution and will result in a credit to your account. 

You can make a $1.00 contribution each time you pay your Pepco bill.

Each time you make a $1.00 contribution, the amount will be reflected on your Pepco bill summary the following month.

Thank you for partnering with Pepco and supporting the Good Neighbor Energy Fund! Together we can make a difference.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)/ Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP)*

  • This program provides assistance to low-income customers with their home heating bills
  • Payments are made to the fuel supplier and utility company
  • Applicants are eligible to apply for the MEAP program once at any time during the program year, July 1-May 31
  • Call 1-800-352-1446 or visit the Office of Home Energy Programs website

Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP)*

  • This program provides assistance to low-income customers for their electric bill
  • Customers may receive help that pays a portion of their current electric bill
  • Some EUSP participants may qualify for assistance with past-due electric bills as well as referrals to energy efficiency program
  • Call 1-800-352-1446 or visit the Office of Home Energy Pro​grams website

Utility Service Protection Plan (USPP)*

  • This program is designed to protect low-income families from utility shutoff
  • Customers who are eligible for assistance from MEAP may also be eligible for 
    participation in USPP
  • Customers receive an electric bill for the same amount each month throughout the year
  • Call 1-866-900-3637 or visit the Office of Home Energy Programs website

*The program is administered through the Maryland Department of Human Resources, Office of Home Energy Programs.

Washington Area Fuel Fund

Pepco customers with a disconnection notice or who currently have service disconnected can receive a grant up to $1,000 once a year through the Pepco Washington Area Fuel Fund Partnership administered by the Salvation Army. Prince George’s County residents can call 301-277-6103 and Montgomery County residents can call 301-515-5354 for assistance.

​Your Energy Bill

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