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Large Business Customers

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​Billing and Payment Options

A vari​​ety of convenient options, described below, are available for you to pay your Pepco energy bill. If you have questions about any of these options, please call our Customer Care Center at 202-833-7500.

Group Billing Program

Are you a small business customer who receives numerous electric service bills each month? Are you tired of ope​​​​ning all those envelopes and writing all those checks every month? Well, our Group Billing Program may be just the answer you've been looking for.

Pepco's Group Billing program was developed in response to requests from customers for a more convenient way to ma​​nage the processing of large numbers of bills. Under Group Billing, you can receive your monthly bills in one to three groups each month instead of individually. Each group of bills includes a Group Bill coupon. To pay each Group Bill, you simply return the Group Bill coupon along with your check.

Interested? If so, find out more by either calling Pepco's customer service line, 202-833-7500, or visiting one of our Customer Service Centers. When r​​​eceived, one of our Group Billing Representatives will be in touch with you promptly to discuss your Group Billing Program options.​

Credit Card

You can pay your energy bill with a credit card by clicking h​ere or by calling 202-833-7500. A Western Union Speedpay conveni​​​ence fee based on the customer’s rate code will apply.

Large Com​​mercial Business Fee: $1,600.00​​​​​​​

Direct Debit 

Direct Debit is a carefree payment option. If you sign up for Direct Debit, the amount due on your bill will be automatically deducted from your checking account 20 days after your bill is prepared each month. Starting with your next energy bill, you'll be notified in advance of the amount and date of the deduction, so you can record it in your checkbook.

You can enroll when you pay your next bill by checking, signing and dating the back of your bill payment cou​​pon and mailing it with your check payment in the remittance envelope provided with your bill​. Your next bill will indicate that you are enrolled on the payment coupon and your payment will automatically be deducted from the checking account that you provided with your previous payment.  

Or, print this​ form, fill it out, and m​​ail it – with a voided check so we can record your banking information – to:

Remittance Processing EP1801
701 Ninth St. NW
Washington, DC 20068

Temporary Payment Arrangements

For our small business customers who may be experie​​ncing temporary financial conditions that make it difficult to keep their accounts current, Pepco offers a variety of individually tailored payment arrangements aimed at bringing the account up to date over a mutually agreeable period of time.

Many of these arrangem​​ents can be made directly over the phone through Pepco's voice response telephone unit. Simply call our regular customer service number, 202​-833-7500, and follow the instructions which are provided. If for some reason your telephone equipment or the nature of your account prevents you from submitting an automated payment arrangement, you will be connected to the first available customer service representative. Either way, Pepco will be more than glad to provide whatever assistance is needed to help you through those temporary but difficult periods.​​​ ​​​​​​​​​

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