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Pepco’s “Climate Ready Pathway DC” Multi-Year Plan

Pepco's "Climate Ready Pathway DC" multi-year plan, currently pending with the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (PSC), outlines investments we will make from 2024-2026 to support a climate ready grid and enable cleaner energy programs and technologies. The plan also includes projects and initiatives that will enhance the reliability, resiliency and security of the local energy grid, as well as efforts to expand assistance to help manage the affordability of energy service for our customers across the District of Columbia.

Our goal is to help ensure that every community and every ward can enjoy the benefits of cleaner air and cleaner energy, while maintaining access to high quality service and high reliability.

Pepco is a key partner in advancing the District's climate and clean energy goals.

The District's goal is to be carbon neutral by 2045 – one of the most ambitious climate goals in the nation. The District plans to achieve this goal through programs and plans that will transition major systems that traditionally run on fossil fuels to alternatives that run on electricity. For example, transitioning from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles.

This work will rely on a climate ready grid – a power system that is cleaner, reliable, and resilient.
The Climate Ready Pathway DC plan includes four key areas of focus:

  • Furthering the District's transition to a cleaner energy future by investing in a climate ready grid.
  • Building on strong reliability and enhancing resiliency and grid security.
  • Enhancing energy assistance programs to support limited-income customers.
  • Expanding full time career opportunities within the workforce while supporting economic development and job creation in the local clean energy economy.

How will the plan impact customer bills?
Throughout this multi-year process, we are determined to minimize future impacts to customer bills while directly enabling clean energy progress across every community, leaving no customer behind in this transition.

If Pepco's Climate Ready Pathway DC plan is approved by the PSC as submitted, it would result in an average monthly increase of $6.13 for the typical District of Columbia residential electric customer's bill over the three-year period of the multi-year plan. Based on these adjustments the typical residential customer bill will increase from $97.06 to $114.66 throughout the duration of the plan.

While Pepco's Climate Ready Pathway DC plan outlines investments from 2024-2026 to enhance the overall experience for customers, this plan also includes the request to recover the costs for investments made in 2023 to further modernize the local energy grid and deliver the safe, reliable and affordable service that customers expect.

Looking ahead

In the coming months, customers, community advocates, and any other interested party will be able to provide their feedback through public hearings and an open comment period overseen by the PSC. This collaborative process holds Pepco accountable to completing the work that is outlined in the company's plan and approved by the PSC.

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