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Energy Supply Options

​​​District of Columbia

The Choice is Yours

The restructuring of the electric utility industry allows you to select the certified or licensed electricity provider that best fits your needs. If you don't choose a different provider, we buy electricity for you and charge you according to rates approved by your Public Service Commission. This is called the "Standard Offer Service" (SOS) program and is administered under rules established by the Commission.
The Commission has designated our company to purchase electricity for you through power supply contracts in an annual competitive auction that provides customers with generation rates that are reflective of market conditions while at the same time providing protection against extreme conditions.
We continue to deliver electricity to all customers, no matter who they choose as their electric provider. 

Check out our Rates 101​ page to learn more.

E​​lectric Suppliers

Delivery is a regulated service which means that Pepco will continue to deliver electricity to all customers. This also means that Pepco is responsible for the wires, poles and outage restoration regardless of supplier. Pepco's costs and policies are regulated by the District of Columbia Public Service Commission (PSC).

However, supply is not a regulated service. Energy suppliers that are licensed by the District of Columbia PSC and registered with Pepco can become your supplier. This gives you the choice and allows you to shop for the best energy rates and terms—if you wish.
Whether you choose to stay with us for your electricity supply or choose another supplier, we will continue to provide you reliable energy.

To see a list of competitive Electric Generation Suppliers, or to learn more about shopping for electricity, visit the District of Columbia's Public Service ​Commission’s,-Natural-Gas-Telecom.aspx website.

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