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High Voltage Complaint Form

​​​Now That Your System is Connect​​​ed

  • We support renewable energy and partner with our customers to ensure safe and reliable interconnection of renewable energy into the electric grid.

    We are glad to have you as a new Net Energy Metering customer.  After interconnecting a renewable generating system to the electric grid, many customers anticipate very low utility bills – or no bills at all.  You may have questions about how NEM will affect your Pepco bill.  This printable Net Energy Metering and Your Pepco Bill FAQ answers most questions.  If you still have others, please call 866-634-6977. 

    Remember, keeping your home as energy-efficient​ as possible will help your solar panels keep up with your electricity needs. 

    Have questions about Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)?  The D.C. Public Service Commission administers them for the District of Columbia. Residents can visit or for more information, and visit to apply.

    For customers with solar experiencing high voltage, please fill out this form.​

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