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Technical Considerations

​​​​​​Regulations, Rules, Tariffs & Guidelines

Requirements we follow when connecting you to the grid

Contractor Technical Considerations

Technical guidelines for contractors

High Voltage Complaint Form

​For solar customers with high voltage questions

Request Customer Usage

​Easily grant access to your energy use data

Restricted Circuit Map

​​Our searchable map showing areas where circuits are restricted

Hosting Capacity Map

​Our searchable map showing how much generation can be added to a feeder

Cross-Border Feeder Map

Our searchable map showing feeders in Maryland, serving customers in the District of Columbia

Acceptable Inverters

​A list of inverters we accept when connecting to the energy grid

Community Energy

​Learn more about community energy in the District of Columbia

Combined Heat & Power

​Connecting combined heat and power systems to the energy grid

Heat Map

Shows the amount of installed Distributed Energy Resources on a feeder

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