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For Immediate Release


Starpower Announces $0.07 Per Minute Long Distance Rate, Waives Monthly Access Fee With Other Services

For Immediate Release
October 12, 1999

Starpower Communications announced today that it is reducing long distance telephone rates from 9.9 cents per minute to 7 cents per minute. The new rate goes into effect immediately and all existing Starpower customers who currently are charged the higher rate for long distance calls will receive the new rate. If a customer takes Starpower`s long distance service in conjunction with any other Starpower service, the $5.95 monthly access fee will be waived.

"Starpower is pleased to announce these new rates which are at or below some of the most aggressive pricing ever for long distance telephone service," said John McCallum, Co-Chairman of Starpower. "With the $0.07 rate available on all calls, 24 hours a day, the value is tremendous. Customers can get even greater value by taking another Starpower service and eliminating the monthly access fee."

"Our existing long distance customers who joined the company in our early stages will be thanked by us in the form of an automatic rate reduction," said Starpower General Manager Tony Peduto. "And, we will be extending this offer to our entire Internet customer base who may not yet have our long distance service. They can now take advantage of an extremely low rate, and by already having one of our services, they will not have to pay the access fee."

Starpower is a joint venture of Pepco Communications, LLC, a non-regulated, wholly owned affiliate of Potomac Electric Power Company (NYSE: POM) and RCN Corporation of Princeton, N.J. RCN is the nation`s first and largest facilities-based provider of telecommunications services to the residential market.

Starpower offers cable TV, local and long distance phone service and high-speed Internet service to customers in the Washington metropolitan area through its state-of-the-art fiber-optic network.

About the Network
Starpower`s True Local Network is a unique broadband fiber optic platform capable of offering the full suite of telecommunications services - including fully featured voice, video and high-speed Internet - to customers. The network employs SONET ring backbone architecture and localized nodes built to ensure its state-of-the-art fiber optics travel to within 900 feet of Starpower customers, with fewer electronics and lower maintenance costs than existing local networks.

Call toll-free 1-877-STARPOWER or check the company`s web site at for additional information about Starpower.

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Robert Dobkin

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