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For Immediate Release


Pepco Launches 'Customer Choice' Information Campaign

For Immediate Release
November 29, 1999

Pepco has launched a consumer awareness campaign, Pepco Answers, to provide information to its Maryland customers on electricity competition, which begins in Maryland next year. Through a variety of materials and sources Pepco Answers tells customers:

  • They can start "shopping" for other electricity suppliers in the spring of 2000 and can receive that suppliers' power after July 2000;
  • No matter which suppliers customers choose, Pepco will continue to deliver the electricity over its power lines, maintain them and answer customer questions about electricity delivery;
  • Customers who don't want to change can remain Pepco customers for up to four years with reduced rates that remain regulated; and
  • Suppliers will be "qualified" and licensed by state regulators who are instituting other consumer protections.

" 'Customer choice' for electricity will offer consumers the best opportunity to cut their costs and shop for new products and services that suit their particular needs," said Bob Grantley, Group Vice President of Pepco. "Consumers are getting the best of the old and the new-lower costs and Pepco's delivery and reliability systems."

Grantley said that Pepco is planning to sell its power plants and specialize in its delivery business, pending regulatory approval. In addition, the 103-year old electric company will be selling a variety of new telecommunications and energy services offered by its family of subsidiaries. Pepco will buy energy from the bulk wholesale market to serve those customers who choose to stay with Pepco as their supplier.

Pepco Answers offers consumers concise information through the company's web page,, free brochures, bill inserts, newsletters, advertising and the company's 24-hour Customer Call Center.

Point of Contact:
Nancy Moses

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