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For Immediate Release


Georgetown Power Restoration: Possibly 36 hours

For Immediate Release
June 14, 2001

Pepco officials are announcing that it could take up to 36 hours to make repairs to underground cables and equipment. M Street will not be open for traffic while repairs are under way. The opening of M Street for traffic will be announced as conditions change. It will not be open for evening rush hour Thursday, June 14, 2001.

This prediction came following the comprehensive assessment of damage that has occurred from stress on Pepco`s system in the last 20 hours. This stress occurred from trying to restore a complex 13-kilovolt and 4-kilovolt underground system during heavy customer demand for electricity. As one problem was repaired, other peripheral damage in different manholes and cables became apparent.

About 1,600 customers are without power generally in areas bordered by Wisconsin Avenue from Volta to M Street, and M Street from Wisconsin Avenue to 26th Street.

The company has more than 25 two-person crews working around the clock. Cable splices, which can take up to five hours to complete, are required in manholes that are only accessible to one worker at a time. And, some manholes require several splices.

Pepco`s Claims Department is available during business hours at 202-872-2452.

Point of Contact:
Nancy Moses

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