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For Immediate Release


Emergency Preparedness Improvements Continue

For Immediate Release
November 30, 2004

Enhancement Process Began After Hurricane Isabel

As the official 2004 Hurricane Season draws to a close and the winter storm season approaches, Pepco continues to enhance its emergency preparedness. Since Hurricane Isabel hit the Mid-Atlantic Region last year, Pepco has taken various steps to improve procedures for restoring service after disasters and enhance communications with customers and the community. Those measures include:

Employee Assignments - Every employee will be assigned a second role during major service interruptions. This focuses the skill and experience of all employees on restoration and communication, particularly in the handling of customer phone calls.

Dry Ice Distribution Discontinued - To focus resources more effectively on our primary job of restoring service, Pepco has discontinued dry ice distribution during major outages. This is based on recommendations from emergency response experts. Pepco has communicated this decision to local officials.

Special Needs Customers - Pepco maintains a list of customers who depend upon electricity for life-support equipment. It communicates with these customers throughout the year, and in advance of approaching storms, helping them to get themselves prepared for emergencies.

Enhanced Planning and Drilling - An updated storm restoration plan provides for the most efficient use of personnel and equipment. Pepco also has intensified its internal drill schedule and has participated in joint exercises with state and local emergency management officials.

Outage Management System - Expanded capacity of Pepco's computerized Outage Management System helps to more efficiently analyze and locate the causes of outages.

Enhanced Preparedness and Outage Communication - A streamlined process has been established for determining estimated times of restoration after storms and for conveying the information to customers. Comprehensive communications emphasize personal preparedness. Pepco has developed brochures and videos discussing the restoration process and has developed advertisements and enhanced our Internet site,, to emphasize preparedness and restoration information.

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About Pepco: Pepco, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pepco Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: POM), delivers electricity at regulated rates to 725,000 customers in Washington and major portions of Montgomery and Prince George's counties in suburban Maryland.


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