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For Immediate Release


Energy Conservation Reminder from Pepco; Heat Pushes Electricity Use Higher

For Immediate Release
June 14, 2005

Pepco expects customers` demand for electricity to be higher than normal today as a result of the extremely hot weather.


While the company expects to be able to deliver enough electricity to meet the heavy demand for power, Pepco is asking electric customers in its service territory to use energy prudently to help prevent possible power supply problems.


Pepco offers the following conservation tips for electricity consumers:


·        Close curtains and blinds to keep out the sun and retain cooler air inside,

·        Postpone using major electric appliances such as stoves, dishwashers
    and clothes dryers until the cooler evening hours,

·        If health permits, set your air conditioner thermostat higher than usual, and

·        Turn off non-essential electric appliances and equipment.


Pepco will continue to monitor conditions and request the public`s assistance as necessary.

Point of Contact:
Robert Dobkin

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