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Pepco Urges Customers: Be Prepared for Winter Hazards

December 8, 2005

Washington, D.C.--The first snowfall of the season passed through our region fairly quietly but served to remind us that it is important to be prepared for any emergency. While we can't prevent disasters, we can prepare for them. 

 "Whether the emergency is a blizzard or hurricane that knocks out power to tens of thousands, an Interstate Highway event or even an act of terrorism, there are preparations customers can make today that will help them deal with the aftermath of any event," said Mike Maxwell, Pepco Holdings, Inc., (PHI) Vice President, Emergency Preparedness. "One important step to take is to put together an Emergency Kit," Maxwell added.

Emergency Managers and the Red Cross agree that it is important for people to assemble an emergency kit with supplies that can be used at home and, if necessary, be taken with you if you are ordered to evacuate. The kit should include any special medical or infant supplies, a road map, flashlight, battery powered clock, radio or TV and extra batteries. Of course, nonperishable food, a hand-held can opener and water supplies are part of the kit. Don't forget your pets, either. Pet food, water and any other supplies your pets need should be stored with supplies for the rest of the household. Pet carriers should also be kept handy in case your household must evacuate.

Weathering the Storm, Pepco's consumer guide to universal emergency preparedness information, can be downloaded from You can also order a copy from Pepco's Customer Care operators at 202-833-7500. Pepco's Web site also provides links to a variety of emergency preparedness agencies offering additional information on planning for emergencies. 

 "The recent hurricane season highlighted the importance of planning how to take care of yourself, your family and your neighbors if you are left without outside help for an extended period. We're all busy, but it is important to take a minute or two to prepare now," said Maxwell. 

 For more on safety and emergency preparedness topics, contact Pepco media relations at 202-872-2680.      


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