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For Immediate Release


Pepco Sponsors Al Roker Special this Saturday: "Coping with Extreme Cold Weather"

As part of Pepco's Winter 2006 campaign to help our customers keep warm, stay safe and keep their electric bills as low as possible, we are sponsoring this Saturday's Al Roker special on NBC4. Don't miss this info-packed program!

An Al Roker Production
Airing Saturday, 1/14, 7-8 pm

Winter storms are often called "the deceptive killers." They can strike without much warning unleashing high winds, heavy snow, bone chilling temperatures and freezing rain or sleet. The one hour special, hosted by Al Roker, will provide information viewers need to know to protect themselves and their families from the onslaught of winter weather.

The special will include a Winter Blizzard quiz with each segment covering preparation before a storm and survival tips, if stranded in a storm. Answers to the quiz will be revealed throughout the program. NBC4's local weather team will also add local information and tips.

Winter Blizzard is presented by NBC4 as another element in NBC4's Safe and Secure community service and public awareness campaign. The goal is to heighten awareness and provide a wide range of information about personal and public safety.

Sponsored by:

Pepco & NBC 4

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