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Pepco to Replace Street Lights in MD Suburbs

Change will save energy and trim electric bills

Pepco will replace its remaining mercury vapor street lights in Montgomery and Prince George's counties with energy-saving, high-pressure sodium fixtures, reducing the total electric bill for the county and municipal jurisdictions by nearly $450,000 a year.

Montgomery County jurisdictions, with 14,500 fixtures to be replaced, will save an estimated $195,000 a year when the change over is completed in four years. Prince George's County jurisdictions, with 21,700 lights to be replaced, will see a savings of about $250,000 a year when completed in 2012.

"This change in street lighting will save taxpayer money and benefit the environment," said Pepco Region President Tom Graham. He explained that lighting suppliers are expected to phase out parts for mercury vapor lamps in a response to new federal legislation that bans the manufacture or import of the older mercury vapor lamp ballasts.

High-pressure sodium fixtures give off a warmer orange glow, provide more light and use less energy than older mercury vapor lamps, which produce a starker white light. Also, the new street lights may be less intrusive to residents who live near them and reduce glare for motorists.

A 70-Watt high-pressure sodium lamp puts out more light than a 100-Watt mercury vapor lamp and saves 10 kilowatt-hours a month, while a 150-Watt sodium lamp produces more light than a 250-Watt mercury vapor lamp and saves 30 kWh a month.

In the District of Columbia, Pepco supplies power to the street lights which are owned and maintained by the city.


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