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Pepco Reminds Boaters to be Safe Around Power Lines

WASHINGTON - With boating season in full swing, Pepco reminds boaters to be alert and watch for electrical equipment. Both underwater cables and overhead power lines, in particular, can pose a potentially life-threatening situation to unprepared boaters.

"Boat masts, spars, outriggers and antennas that extend into the air, or that are raised into the air, can contact power lines and cause serious injury," said Michael J. Nappi, Manager, Pepco Safety Services. "Whether you're moving your boat through a marina or loading supplies at a bait and tackle store, be aware of your surroundings."

Pepco advises boaters and their passengers to pay attention to possible hazards and offers the following safe boating tips:

  • Avoid contact with overhead electrical wires by checking the clearance before raising or lowering your mast or spar.
  • Don't haul or sail your boat unless you have at least 10 feet of clearance between the highest point of your boat and the lowest point of the power line.
  • Consider tides when determining clearances. Low tide clearances may be inadequate at high tide.
  • Keep all drying sails and sheet lines from blowing into power lines.
  • Remove or lower antennas or flags from large cruise vessels and sailboat hulls before transporting your boat over land. Know the total height of your trailer and boat with and without the mast raised.
  • Be careful when pulling your sailboat onto the beach or when docking between waterways. Always look for overhead power lines and, when anchoring, be aware of underwater cables.
  • Watch out for overhead electrical wires when removing your boat from the water. Ask another person to provide directions so that you can safely clear the power lines.

You can get more electrical safety information at Pepco's Web site (


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