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Pepco Launches Online Carbon Footprint Calculator

Internet tool enables customers to view energy use, impact on environment

WASHINGTON - Pepco has launched an online carbon footprint calculator which helps consumers determine the environmental impact of their personal energy use. The Web-based tool is available at on the site's home page.

"Pepco is on the leading edge of providing useful information to its customers that will go a long way toward helping them achieve lower energy bills and protect our environment," said Thomas Graham, President, Pepco Region.

The carbon footprint calculator determines customers' environmental impact based on their energy use, including waste, water and transportation. Some highlights of the Web-based, carbon emissions calculator include:

· Educating residential customers on their carbon emissions and what makes up their carbon footprints,

· Assisting customers in quantifying their current carbon footprints,

· Showing customers how their emissions compare to others,

· Assisting customers in reducing their carbon footprints by encouraging them to adopt efficient, carbon-reducing practices;

· Encouraging customers to offset some or their entire remaining footprints by guiding them to beneficial green programs.

The carbon footprint calculator is also available to Pepco customers who register to use My Account, which is available on the company's Web site home page and enables its customers to manage their accounts while also learning of ways to save energy and money.


Pepco, a subsidiary of Pepco Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: POM), delivers safe, reliable and affordable electric service to more than 750,000 customers in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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