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Pepco Commercial Conservation Programs Produce Results

Green Energy Efficiency Programs Provide $143,000 in Customer Savings

WASHINGTON - Commercial and industrial customers are eligible for cash incentives for installing energy efficient equipment and systems in their buildings. These projects include changes to existing lighting, heating, air conditioning and motors. The Pepco program targets energy conservation measures that improve a company's "carbon footprint."

Two companies have already reaped the benefits of our programs. The Columbia Square Building, 555 13th St. N.W., and The Evening Star Building, 1101 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., are both located in the District. The completed Evening Star project alone will generate over 353,000 kWh in annual savings.

In just the first year of the project, by investing in the energy reduction opportunities provided by Pepco, the two projects were paid combined dividends of over $143,000.

"These programs support President Barack Obama's vision for a new green energy economy that will transform the way we use energy, said Thomas Graham, President Pepco Region. "We will promote the value of purchasing energy efficient products with an eye toward making program participation as simple as possible for consumers." These programs help meet the nation's energy and environmental challenges through a combination of energy efficiency and new environmentally friendly green technologies.

Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will encourage Pepco's commercial, governmental and industrial customers as well as builders/developers, and trade allies to identify and implement energy reduction opportunities related to building performance.

The budget for the non-residential programs from 2009 to 2011 is $12.7 million. For more information on these programs, visit or, call 866-353-5798 .


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