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Pepco and National Harbor Take the Lead on LED Street Lighting

First Phase of Pilot Project Launched to Test Energy-Efficient Streetlights

WASHINGTON - Pepco is installing various test models of new energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) streetlights in four Maryland locations, starting with National Harbor in Prince George's County on Wednesday, January 20. Pepco will test the LED streetlights for a six-month period under real-life situations to gauge their suitability, actual energy-efficiency, reliability and illumination quality, and to obtain customer feedback.

"At the end of the test period, we will evaluate the lights based on the performance data and the opinions of our customers," said Thomas Graham, President Pepco Region. "Pepco is committed to evaluating and obtaining regulatory approval for new energy-efficient technologies on our system when they will save our customers money, prove reliable and improve customer satisfaction."

In addition to National Harbor, Pepco will launch the LED streetlight pilot project in three additional Maryland communities. This will give our customers in different parts of our service territory the opportunity to experience the lights in real-life situations and provide us with their comments.

Plans for further installation of LED streetlights will depend on customer feedback, technical results of the pilot program, regulatory approval and the evolution of the technology as an economically viable replacement for mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium lighting currently in use.

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