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Pepco Expands Appliance Rebate Program for Maryland Customers

Program Offers New Options to Reduce Energy Use and Costs

WASHINGTON - Pepco today expanded its Appliance Rebate Program for Maryland residential customers by adding more rebate dollars for the purchase of higher efficiency ENERGY STAR® products.

The new mail-in rebate offers include ENERGY STAR® qualified electric heat pump water heaters ($300), higher efficiency clothes washers ($100) and higher efficiency refrigerators ($50) that are at least 25 percent more efficient than the federal standard. Appliance dealers will provide information on efficiency standards.

"We believe programs like this will give our customers incentives to purchase more energy-efficient appliances that will help them save money and energy," said Thomas Graham, Pepco Regional President. "An added benefit is the federal tax credits our customers can receive for the purchase of those appliances."

These additional rebates are offered through funding from the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA). Higher efficiency appliances purchased on or after April 22 will be eligible for the rebates. Rebate applications are available online at For more information on MEA appliance replacement rebates and for a list of qualifying appliance models, visit

Pepco will also continue to offer Maryland residential customers rebates up to $50 on select ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerators, room air conditioners and certain energy-efficient water heaters purchased at any retail store.

Customers can apply for rebates for both programs if their appliance meets the guidelines. However, they must submit two separate rebate forms. Application forms for Pepco's original rebate program are available at many appliance stores or online at

For additional information, call Pepco's Home Energy Savings Program at 1-866-353-5798.


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