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Pepco Offers Ways to Save on Summer Energy Bills

Customers Encouraged to Manage Use for Lower Bills

WASHINGTON , D.C . - With those hot, humid summer temperatures on the horizon, Pepco reminds customers of ways to save on their monthly energy bill by reducing their electricity use.

The reminder to conserve energy to save money comes at a time when people are adjusting their thermostats to combat the warmer temperatures.

Thomas H. Graham, President, Pepco Region, says, "Hot weather can have a major impact on energy costs and that's why we strongly recommend that our customers continue to take aggressive steps to conserve energy and save money."

Pepco customers in the District of Columbia and Maryland can take advantage of the following energy conservation programs and tips.

  •  Sign up for My Account and find ways to save energy and money with an easy online home energy audit.  My Account also allows customers to compare, analyze, and pay their bills.
  •  CFL Discounts - With Pepco's CFL discount program, customers can replace standard bulbs with more efficient CFLs.  The discount is applied at the register, so customers instantly save $1.50 on each single CFL and $3 on multipacks.
  •  Appliance Rebate Program - Pepco customers can receive cash rebates of up to $50 by purchasing ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerators and room air conditioners and qualifying electric water heaters.
  •  Set the air conditioner thermostat to 78 degrees. After removing the humidity, this can be a comfortable temperature. Remember every degree up on the thermostat can save as much as 5 percent on an energy bill. 
  •  Change the air conditioner filter. A dirty filter causes the unit to run longer and inefficiently.
  •  Close window shades, blinds, or drapes to block the sunlight during the hottest part of the day.
  •  Wash clothes in cold water and line dry.
  •  Move lamps, TVs, and other heat-producing items away from the air conditioner's thermostat. Heat from these appliances could cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary. Turn these appliances off when they're not being used.
  •  Check that all windows and doors are tightly closed to keep the cool air in and the hot air out.
    o When possible, cook and use other heat-generating appliances, such as washers, dryers and dishwashers in the early morning or late evening when it usually is cooler.
  •   Use dishwashers only when fully loaded. Dishwashers use the same amount of electricity whether they're full or empty. Use the air-dry option if the unit has one.
  •  Consider preparing light summer meals that don't require a lot of cooking. If possible, use an outdoor grill or microwave oven for cooking.

 Pepco Maryland customers can save energy and money by taking advantage of the following "Home Energy Savings" Programs sponsored by EmPOWER Maryland.

  •  The Income Eligible Energy Efficiency Program provides customized energy-saving products and services to eligible residential customers - at no additional cost.
  •  Energy Wise Rewards is a program that will provide credits on energy bills by allowing Pepco to cycle a customer's air conditioner during periods of high energy use.
  •  A Quick Home Energy Check-up is an affordable program that brings a Home Check-up Professional into the home to show customers ways to use energy wisely.
  •  The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Audit is a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving a home's energy efficiency, comfort and safety.
  •  The HVAC Efficiency Program offers incentives and rebates for the installation and tune-ups of high-efficiency HVAC equipment.

 Pepco encourages all customers to visit for additional information on saving energy and money in their home or business. The company also offers its customers Budget Billing, a fixed payment plan based on the customer's 12-month average bill, which they can enroll in either online or by contacting Pepco Customer Care at 202-833-7500.


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