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Washington Region Braces for Second Ice Storm within a Week

Pepco Holds Outside Crews and Schedules Additional Personnel

WASHINGTON - As weather predictions call for snow, freezing rain, and ice for the Washington Metropolitan Region, Pepco remains in full storm restoration mode.

Region President Thomas Graham says, "We will request assistance from utilities in the Mid Atlantic Mutual Assistance pool and from utilities in the Southeast Electric Exchange. We will have over 1,000 people on the ground when the pending storm hits. This is an all hands event. Pepco will have crews positioned throughout its service territory and will have crews responding from both service centers."

Sleet, freezing rain, and wet snow can coat electrical equipment, resulting in power outages. The weight of the ice can bring tree limbs and trees down onto wires, which then break poles and snap long spans of power lines.

Ice storms can be among the most destructive events affecting a utility's electrical distribution system. Once ice accumulates, the weight of the ice can cause problems for our equipment and wires.

To prevent potential outages, Pepco urges residential customers to report trees that impose an immediate risk to electric power lines.

The extensive damage caused by ice and wet snow requires several hours of labor to cut up fallen trees and remove the debris, install new power poles, restring lines and replace other equipment such as transformers and fuses.

To report Power Outages and Downed Wires Call 1-877-737-2662.

If you are calling to report a power outage, a non-life threatening situation, please call 1-877-Pepco-62 (1-877-737-2662) and press one for the automated system.

If you are reporting an emergency life threatening situation such as downed wires, pole down, etc. please call 1-877-Pepco-62 (1-877-737-2662) and press two.

The option for reporting an actual life threatening emergency should NOT be used to report non life threatening emergencies, as it will prevent customers with actual emergencies from getting through to report their outage.

Please stay away from downed wires and report them immediately.


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