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Pepco Executives Testify before Montgomery County Lawmakers

WASHINGTON - Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI) Executive Vice President, Power Delivery, Dave Velázquez; PHI Vice President Asset Management, Mike Maxwell; PHI Vice President, Customer Care, Charles Dickerson; PHI Vice President, Operations and Engineering, George Nelson; and Pepco Region President Thomas Graham testified before the Montgomery County Council's Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment (T&E) Committee.

The Pepco executives addressed the January 26 storm and the company's response to the aftermath of that storm.

"We take seriously our duty to provide reliable electric service. We also realize that we are not where we need to be in meeting customers' expectations for reliability, customer service and clear communications about when power will be restored," said PHI Executive Vice President Dave Velázquez. "We have a plan in place and we're executing it. Our six-point Reliability Enhancement Plan that will result in spending $574 million over the next five years and we will re-examine our entire storm restoration process."

Six months into the plan, Pepco has aggressively trimmed some 900 miles of trees in Montgomery County. Of the lines trimmed, 54 percent that were disabled or locked out in the July 2010 storm did not fail during the January 26 storm. Pepco has also replaced or upgraded over 140,000 feet of underground cable.

While no utility can guarantee there won't be outages, Pepco will continue to work to minimize outages and improve its response when they occur.

To view the entire PowerPoint presentation that was given to Montgomery County lawmakers, visit It is the first rotating feature on the home page.


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