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Pepco's Energy Efficiency Programs Help Customers Save Money, Energy

Utility Offers Rebates, Bill Credits to its Maryland Customers

WASHINGTON - Whether it's upgrading to a high efficiency refrigerator, switching to compact fluorescent lights or enrolling in a thermostat cycling program, Pepco is helping its Maryland customers save money on their monthly energy bills.

"We're committed to helping our customers use less energy to both save on their bills and improve our environment since the cleanest and cheapest kilowatt is the one that doesn't get used," said Thomas Graham, President, Pepco Region.

Pepco offers a variety of energy efficiency programs to its residential and commercial customers in Maryland; there also is a special program for eligible low-income customers.

Below is a snapshot of the residential programs available to Pepco's Maryland customers (more information is available at

· Energy Wise Rewards - Customers receive bill credits by allowing Pepco to cycle their air conditioners on extremely hot summer days when both the price and demand for electricity spike upward.

· Appliance Rebate Program - Customers receive rebates, up to $50, when they purchase a qualifying energy-efficient appliance.

· Quick Home Energy Check Up - Customers sign up to have their homes inspected for energy efficiency and receive advice on ways they can improve energy use.

· Income Eligible Energy Efficiency Program - Eligible customers can receive an energy assessment of their home by a certified contractor and then qualify to have energy-saving products and appliances installed at no additional cost.

· HVAC Efficiency Program - Customers receive rebates when they hire a participating contractor to provide a tune-up on their electric central air conditioning or air source heat pump systems or they replace their HVAC units with a high-efficiency model.

· Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®­­­ - Customers receive a comprehensive assessment of their home's energy use by a participating contractor and then are offered rebates for making energy efficient home improvements.

Additionally, Pepco offers its commercial and industrial customers in Maryland similar rebate programs when they replace less efficient heating, cooling and lighting equipment, for example, with high-efficiency systems. Interested customers can find more information on the commercial and industrial programs at or by calling 1-866-353-5798.


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