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Pepco Warns Customers about Prepaid "Green Dot" Credit Card Scam

Pepco Security Contacts US Secret Service and FBI about Fake Billing Claims

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Pepco is warning its customers about a scam involving prepaid "Green Dot"' Visa credit cards. Callers claiming to represent Pepco are contacting customers telling them their electric service is scheduled to be shut off and they should make a payment by purchasing a "Green Dot" VISA card. Customers are then asked to call another phone number where information is obtained from the credit card and the monetary value is removed from the "Green Dot" VISA card.

Pepco Corporate Security reports that 22 customers have called to notify the company of this "suspicious" and unauthorized contact with its customers.

"Since this activity involves phone (wire) and electronic commerce we have already contacted the United States Secret Service and FBI to provide information we have regarding this scam against our customers" said Thomas Graham, President Pepco Region. "We are very concerned about the impact this fraud may have on our customers. Although the Pepco name is being used, we have no involvement in this scam."

Pepco advises customers that Customer Service Representatives will always be able to provide the name on the account, the account address, and the exact past due balance. If the caller cannot provide that information, it is very likely the call is not from a Pepco employee. In this case, customers should not provide any type of payment or financial information. They should call Pepco Customer Service immediately at 202-833-7500 and also call local law enforcement to report the incident.


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