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Pepco to test Maryland Energy Wise Rewards Program Thursday

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Pepco plans to activate an Energy Wise Rewards test event in Maryland on Thursday, Sept. 20. The Energy Wise Rewards program is designed to help Pepco reduce load on high peak-use days by cycling participant's air conditioners or heat pumps off. By having a test event, Pepco can confirm all processes are working properly. To minimize customer impact, Pepco will run Thursday's test from 2 to 6 p.m.

Energy Wise Rewards is a voluntary program that offers customers a choice of a programmable thermostat or an outdoor switch, which the utility installs at no charge to the customer. During summer periods of peak electric demand, Energy Wise Rewards works to reduce electricity usage by cycling central air conditioner compressors off for short periods of time during periods of peak electricity use. Maryland customers will receive a bill reduction in return for allowing Pepco to cycle their air conditioners a few days each year.

During load control events, only the air conditioner or heat pump compressor is cycled; the fan continues to run. Most participants notice little, if any, temperature change in their homes. However, during the load control test, or during any Peak Saving Day in the future, customers can minimize temperature changes further by:

· Running ceiling fans in occupied rooms

· Closing window curtains or shades to prevent the sun from heating the interior air and to reduce cooled air loss through cracks around the windows

· Delay running the dishwasher or laundry machines until after the load control event is over. This will avoid adding both heat and humidity to the area.

· Turning off unused TVs, computers, printers, and incandescent light bulbs to avoid adding more heat to the house

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