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Pepco Expands Energy Wise Rewards

DC Residents, and Maryland Businesses, Government, and Nonprofits

can Save Money by Saving Energy

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Energy Wise Rewards (EWR) for Business in Maryland is Pepco's expansion of the voluntary direct load control program to include business, government, and nonprofit organizations. The program is also now available to DC residential customers. More than 3,000 DC households are already participating in the program.

On Peak Savings Days, when the demand for electricity is highest, Energy Wise Rewards works to balance demand with supply by cycling off and on customers' central air conditioner compressors or heat pumps for short conservation periods.

The 100,000 Maryland residential customers participating in Energy Wise Rewards have saved more than $10 million on their electricity bills. Energy Wise Rewards is one in a portfolio of Pepco programs that support Governor Martin O'Malley's EmPOWER Maryland initiative to reduce energy consumption in the state by 15 percent by the year 2015.

Participating business customers receive two credits off their Pepco electricity bills for each device installed at the facility. An installation credit of $80 appears as a bill reduction within two billing cycles of the EWR device(s) installation. An annual Reward Credit, which totals $80, appears as a $16 bill reduction each month on June through October electricity bills. The customer will receive annual reward credits for each year of program participation.

Pepco started installing devices in Maryland businesses in August 2012. The ultimate goal is to install more than 13,000 devices by 2015. The company projects that this will result in reducing electricity use by nearly 30 MW during each peak summer conservation period. Participants can select either a web-programmable thermostat or an outdoor cycling switch. Outdoor switches work automatically to cycle the air conditioner compressor and do not require an installation appointment.

Web-programmable thermostats can be programmed manually or remotely, and help customers reduce their annual heating and cooling costs by up to 10 percent. To enroll in either the business or residential program, Pepco customers in Maryland or the District can sign up online at or call the EWR program office at 866-353-5798.

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