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Support For Pepco Holdings-Exelon Merger Grows As More D.C. Community, Business And Faith Leaders Speak Out

WASHINGTON, D.C. and CHICAGO (March 17, 2016) - More District of Columbia community, business, labor, nonprofit and faith leaders are voicing support for the Pepco Holdings-Exelon merger, which will bring increased reliability, sustainability and economic benefits to the region. In addition, in the past week, more than 600 members of the community have signed letters voicing support for the merger.
Among those speaking out in favor of the merger are community and economic development leaders, and senior officials of several businesses and labor organizations.
"A more reliable electric grid and a strong commitment to affordable rates will help the economy, and that helps workers," said Andre Lee, political chairman of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. "I'm also encouraged to see Pepco Holdings and Exelon make workforce development and investment in the District economy a key feature of their merger."
Lee and other new supporters join representatives of more than 80 District business, community and faith organizations that already voiced support for the transaction in proceedings before the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (PSC).
"The merger presents a unique opportunity to improve quality of life for residents in the District," said Rayseen Woodland, a community leader and current ANC commissioner. "Pepco Holdings and Exelon have made a long-term commitment to enhance customer service and support the organizations and institutions that make our neighborhoods stronger."
Pepco Holdings and Exelon have committed to a more than $78 million package of benefits for the District of Columbia and Pepco customers in the companies' proposed merger.
"These commitments will support District residents who struggle to pay their bills," said Marshall Phillips, minister at the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church. "None of that would be possible absent the merger, and that's why it is critical that we not miss this opportunity."
Anwar Saleem, executive director of H Street Main Street, said the companies' commitment to provide $19 million to District nonprofits over 10 years demonstrates their long-term commitment to strengthening communities and the local economy. 

"The merger ensures that Pepco remains a strong, invested community partner for years to come," he said.
Charles Weaver, president of the Jetu Tenants Association, said he supports the merger because it will increase access to renewable energy and commit the companies to reducing the length and duration of power outages.
"We need a modern, more sustainable electricity grid that also holds the line on rates," he said. "This merger delivers on that promise."
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