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Christina Harper

Pepco Crews on High Alert as Heat Continues Through the Weekend

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 19, 2019) – In the face of extreme temperatures, Pepco's energy grid is performing well and customers continue to experience reliable power across the service area. This week's extreme heat has increased energy demand by 13 percent compared to the average daily energy use typically seen this time of year. Pepco engineers and crews continue to work diligently to ensure the company's systems run efficiently and deliver safe and reliable energy for customers.

"With record breaking temperatures expected this weekend, our staff and crews continue to closely monitor our system and are prepared to respond quickly and safely to any service issues," said Tyler Anthony, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Pepco Holdings. "Throughout the year we complete dozens of targeted projects to modernize our critical energy infrastructure and build a more resilient grid in the face of extreme weather. Our performance throughout this heat wave continues to demonstrate the value of these projects for our customers."

Preparations by Pepco for this weekend's elevated temperatures include:

  • Increasing staffing in operations centers and placing additional crews on call to respond to any outages or issues that may occur on the local energy grid.
  • Increasing deployment of capacitors on the distribution system, which is a piece of equipment that helps the local energy grid operate more efficiently and reliably.
  • Suspending work on non-emergency projects that would place portions of the local energy grid out of service and potentially impact the company's ability to respond to an outage.
  • Continuing to monitor substations and other critical facilities to ensure an immediate response to any potential issues.
  • Completing steps to allow for a quick and seamless activation of the company's Emergency Response Organization, should it be needed to respond to service issues.

Today, Pepco customers can take advantage of extra savings from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. during the company's Peak Savings Day. A Peak Savings Day allows Pepco Maryland customers to earn bill credits during specified days through the Peak Energy Savings Credit Program. Customers participate simply by saving energy during specified hours—no enrollment needed. Customers receive a bill credit of $1.25 for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of reduced energy use below the customer's average energy use. For Pepco customers participating in Energy Wise Rewards®, Pepco will cycle air conditioners during a Peak Savings Day. To learn more about Peak Savings Days, Pepco customers can call 855-751-PEAK. or visit To learn more about Energy Wise Rewards, call 866-353-5798 or visit the District of Columbia Energy Wise Rewards page or the Maryland Energy Wise Rewards page.

Ways for customers to save money and energy during extremely hot weather include:

  • Turning off or unplugging unnecessary lighting, devices, and appliances.
  • Keeping all outside doors and windows closed if your air conditioner is running. Closing your shades, blinds, and curtains can also help keep unwanted heat from entering your home.
  • Running heat producing appliances—like clothes dryers, ovens, and dishwashers—at night when the temperature is lower.
  • Using your ceiling fans to evenly distribute cool air throughout your home.
  • Ensuring your air ducts and fans are not blocked by furniture. When unblocked and working properly, cool air circulates freely, making your home more comfortable.

If in need of immediate relief from this weekend's weather, cooling stations are available in Washington D.C. and Maryland through local and county government.

Pepco and its parent company Exelon are committed to empowering customers and communities to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve the goals local cities have set to fight climate change. Customers are encouraged to get more detailed information about their energy usage, so they can make more informed choices about how they use energy by signing up for My Account. Additional tips, as well as information about programs to help reduce costs and energy usage can be found at

To immediately report a downed wire or service issue, customers should call 1-877-PEPCO-62 , visit, or use the company's mobile app. The app has many resources to keep customers informed during an outage, including an interactive outage map and estimates of how quickly power is expected to be restored.

To learn more, readers are encouraged to visit The Source, Pepco's online news room. Find additional information about Pepco by visiting Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter at Our mobile app is available at      

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