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Pepco Files Climate Solutions Plan, Taking Major Step in Helping the District of Columbia Achieve Its Climate Change Goals

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 20, 2021) – Pepco today filed its Climate Solutions Plan with the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (PSC), outlining the high-level approach the company proposes to implement to advance a smarter, stronger and cleaner energy system and to help the District achieve its leading climate goals, codified in the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018. A significant amount of work by the PSC and District stakeholders, as well as Pepco, has led to this critical juncture to meet the bold, and important, decarbonization goals. This major step builds on Pepco DC's Climate Change Commitment that was announced last year and outlines the central role the company will play in enabling the District's roadmap toward electrification, clean energy, and energy reduction through a balanced portfolio that will help ensure an equitable energy system that maintains safe, reliable and affordable service for the company's 312,000 customers in the District.  

"Pepco is a critical, active partner in helping the District of Columbia achieve its climate change goals," said Dave Velazquez, president and CEO or Pepco Holdings. "We recognize the need to act now and leverage our unique footprint across the region to ensure new energy services and technologies deliver climate benefits quickly, while enhancing equity in our communities and driving innovation and new opportunities for all District residents."

A diverse portfolio of actions and programs across the District will be necessary to meet the city's climate and clean energy goals. Pepco DC's plan envisions programs in four key areas:

  1. Electrifying Transportation: Build on existing programs and lessons learned to meet the District's near-term transportation goals through strategies focused on make-ready work, fleet assessment and incentive programs. Programs for residential customers will also support workplace charging and commuting-based incentives in order to increase access and funding for electric vehicles, while also looking to support charging opportunities for other forms of electric transportation, such as medium- and heavy-duty fleet incentives and electric bike and scooter charging.
  2. Decarbonizing Buildings: Work with other District agencies and organizations to provide a range of incentive, advisory and financial energy efficiency programs that will be supported with targeted programs to incentivize electrifying heating and hot water systems.
  3. Activating the Local Energy Ecosystem: Continue the transition of electric supply to clean energy resources. As a dense urban area, the District's path toward a clean energy supply must encompass a combination of local distributed energy resources, notably local solar, and an expanded Renewable Portfolio Standard that requires purchasing of more clean energy.
  4. Enhancing Infrastructure for Climate Solutions: Continue efforts to strengthen and modernize the electric grid to support advanced technologies and distributed energy resources, including electric vehicle and load flexibility resources, while maintaining safe and reliable service. 

These portfolios within the Climate Solutions Plan will drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction opportunities already identified by the District and provide the overall infrastructure needed to enable and support the city's broader vision.

To ensure these programs drive an equitable energy system that maintains affordability and reliability and enhances sustainability for all District residents, Pepco will follow five core principles in the development of these programs:

  • Sustainability: Responding to the need to mitigate climate change impacts for future generations, support local ecosystems, and withstand future climate events.
  • Equity & Inclusion: Ensuring access to the benefits and opportunities of building a fully decarbonized energy delivery system for all customers and in all communities.
  • Interactivity: Leveraging connected devices to optimize use of existing and planned infrastructure, enable distributed resources, enhance value for District customers.
  • Reliability: Representing the core mission of safe and reliable service to all customers in taking action on emerging realities
  • Affordability: Providing efficient and effective climate solutions that maximize benefits at the lowest cost to customers.

Together, these principles will support the city's vision to be the healthiest, greenest and most livable city in the United States, where access to clean resources and funding to deploy clean energy strategies and resources is equitable.

Pepco will also leverage the resources and expertise available to them as part of Exelon, the nation's leading energy company. The company will apply the best practices learned connecting customers with energy efficiency, smart meters, clean electric transportation options, distributed energy resources and smart city technology in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to help ensure the District of Columbia leverages the most state-of-the-art, cost-effective and efficient services and programs.

Over the coming months, Pepco has committed to advancing the strategy laid out in the Climate Solutions Plan into 5-year and 30-year plans and to provide an implementation analysis of the plans supported by a cost-benefit analysis. Pepco will file these 5-year and 30-year plans with the PSC in October 2021.

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