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Preventing Outages

We are dedicated to preventing outages by investing in the systems that serve our customers. Explore several ways that we work to prevent outages, and learn how you can contribute.

Manage Trees and Vegetation Near Equipment

Trees and vegetation coming in contact with energy equipment is a common natural cause of power outages. Pepco invests millions each year to carefully prune trees to reduce the number of tree-related power interruptions. Want to learn more? View Trees & Power Lines.

Invest in System Upgrades and Maintenance

Pepco is investing billions of dollars in the equipment serving customers, building a smarter, more resilient electric grid. This means safer, more reliable power. Visit Smart Grid & Smart Meters and Reliability Improvements for details.

You Can Help

You can help prevent outages by working and living safely around electrical equipment.

  • Dig safely: Understand how you can avoid damaging underground equipment when excavating.

  • Make smart planting choices: Use the proper guidelines when planting trees near power lines or transformer boxes.

  • Maintain the energy equipment you own: Understand which electric lines are your responsibility and how you can ensure they are working properly.

  • Report any potential issues:​​​ If you see damaged equipment or other potential hazards, please contact us immediately so we can investigate and make repairs before they result in a power outage or other issue.

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