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For Teachers and Students

Electrical Safety Foundation (ESFI) Kids Corner:

Electrical dangers are lurking around every corner, but not to worry. Private I. Plug is on the case! Sit back and watch PIP investigate or dust off that magnifying lens and play some games!

Energize Education Program:28046_SchoolsProgram_BoxKit_web_image.jpg

Enroll in the Energize Education Program today. Teachers will receive FREE energy efficiency curriculum and resources. Students will receive a free take-home kit that includes energy-saving products to install at home that result in electricity, natural gas and water savings. This information will allow the students to share money- and energy-saving tips with their families.

Visit the Energize Education website and enroll today!

Energy Information Administration (EIA):

Energy Kids — a Fun Place to Play and Learn

The U.S. Energy Information Administration's redesigned website, Energy Kids features more than 100 pages of fun educational content for kids, parents, and teachers. Kids can learn about energy and challenge their brains with energy Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches, and the new "Energy Sliders" game. Teachers can submit energy lesson plans, share their expertise and get chosen as contributor of the month. The site also features energy-related stories, hands-on activities, and research articles for the classroom.

Energy Safe Kids:


Energy Safe Kids (ESK) is the premier curriculum for natural safety. Programs and energy education materials, developed by National Energy Foundation, are available for teachers and students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Energy safety is taught and explored through a combination of materials distribution for teachers, classroom presentations and an interactive, online energy safety community. The ESK website, instructional posters, teacher lesson plans, take-home guides, games and more make a powerful impact in the classroom and at home.

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